My name is Idah Khumalo. I grew up in a village called Amazizi in the Drakensberg Mountains called Amazizi village, which is where I have grown up from. I really enjoy working at the Royal Drakensberg Primary School which is a small school situated in Northern Drakensberg.

I have worked at RDP for over ten years and I have really treasured my time at the school. During the ten years of my teaching I have experienced some challenges but the learning’s have made everything worthwhile. Having to work with different types of people who have absolute different backgrounds with me was one of the challenges but has turned out to be a good experience. 

Teachers come and go, young vibrant teachers who are still building up their experience. It is always good to get to know new people especially those who know their job. I really appreciate the knowledge that is constantly being given to us by different teachers that I got to work with in our school.

In a school full of young children, as teachers we need to keep on helping each other and working together in order to build up a happier environment, so listening to each other is very important.

After everything there is nothing that brings me joy than seeing the children that used to be in our school during their foundation phase doing their best and excelling in their school work in the school that they are currently in. Seeing them makes me so proud and motivated to keep on doing my best in investing in their bright future. 

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  1. Thank You Idah for sharing a beautiful & encouraging message with us. Thank you for hwlping our little one. Keep up the gr8 job.

  2. Thank You Idah for sharing a beautiful & encouraging message with us. Thank you for helping our little one’s.
    Keep up the gr8 job.

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