The Royal Drakensberg Primary School is a place where little humans grow big ideas.

After a year of 3-day-a-week attendance our little Hannah has developed from a sometimes-in-nappies toddler into an adventurous, caring and confident nearly-4-year-old. She has learnt so much from her enthusiastic teachers, excited friends and incredible environment. I am so grateful to Loretta and Megan who started the school and who continue to champion it despite their kids moving on to “big” school. The care they have for the kids and the problem-solving creativity with which they tackle challenges of funding and rural community politics is awe-inspiring.

Love is the driving force behind our school: love for South Africa; love for all her people, and love for our natural environment permeates through all that the school does.

The children of the Royal Drak Primary learn from the very beginning that they are special and important parts of the great web that connects us all to each other and to the earth. They learn about gratitude for their opportunities and their unique environment. They learn about service and generosity from our school’s benefactor Khulu Peter and kindness and affection from their teachers.

The Royal Drak community teaches the wider community by example. The children are aware of how they can care for the environment and how they can improve the world by making small contributions such as picking up a piece of litter or helping their neighbour.

Our community and by extension our country is richer as a result of the work going into the kids of the RDP. They will be game changers! We feel very blessed to be a part of this story.

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