“It’s not the mountains we conquer it’s ourselves” Edmund Hillary.

Living and teaching up in the Northern Drakensberg is no easy feat. You are miles away from the towns, social life and general convenience. “You will never” last they said. But here I am a year into my journey and still absolutely loving every second of it. It may be an extremely different life style that I am use to in the city, but I would not change a thing about my year.

Living up in the mountains you learn a lot about yourself at lighting speed. Things that you never thought you were capable of you now succeed in. Why is this? Simply because you have to! In the city you live a sheltered life where your every need is met without you having to worry about how, where, when and why. Things just work. Out here you have to solve your own problems, no electricity? Go check the DB board and if that is not the problem you get on with your day and work around it. You have to plan for everything so that in any situation you are prepared and ready if need be.

Teaching at the Royal Drakensberg Primary school has been an incredible adventure. I have grown beyond measure and I am extremely proud of the achievements I have made throughout the year. Teaching these little children have humbled me immensely and I am grateful to each and every one of the little life’s I have had the pleasure of meeting and teaching. It brings such joy to one when you are able to help grown and develop the minds of tomorrow.

I have made friendships that will last a life time. We have become a very close group of friends that we have all used to help us through our low times. We have enjoyed our time together and look forward to spending more time hiking around these mountains again next year.

Coming up to teach in the berg will live in my memories for a lifetime. It is definitely something that everyone should try their hand at least once. The growth and development as a person spiritually and physically is boundless which you will never find living in the city.

I will be forever grateful to all those that have made my year up here possible and enjoyable.

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