A Hug……One size fits all! And there is nothing like the hugs that are freely given by the children at Royal Drakensberg Primary School!
Wednesdays are a highlight of my week. This is the day I go to school! I have the privilege of welcoming the children into the library for their weekly choosing of books to take home to read.

The little ones are wide eyed and as they choose books and gaze intently at the bright pictures, I have such hope that they will grow to love reading.
They are so eager to participate in stories, especially counting tales and colour stories. There are the favourite books and as a result some books have pages which are patched with tape,grey and dog-eared. But sought after nevertheless!

I have witnessed such pleasing progress as children who have graduated from the pre-primary to the early grades. Recognition of words and the ability to read and comprehend the stories brings joy to us all.

If these young people have the encouragement from home to read, read, read, the world can be theirs to explore. Sometimes I wish that everyday was “Wednesday” as I experience the hugs and enthusiasm of these precious little people. Their imaginations are stimulated, their enquiring minds are excited! If they learn just one new word, or are exposed to a previously unknown insect, animal, place or historical person or event, then the seed of knowledge will open opportunities for their success.

How grateful we are to all those who have donated books!
Understanding is progress!
Guidance is essential!
Success is the goal!

Jean Carte

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